Thursday, March 20, 2008

Have it Your Way

For the most part, Fun Inc. supplies retailers (magic shops, toy stores, novelty shops, websites) with a large line of merchandise. The Fun factory cranks out tricks and jokes and magic sets for these customers. At the core of that line are the Royal Magic tricks, sets, books and DVDs - staples that are suited for beginning and intermediate magicians.

But the Fun factory also produces custom-made and private label products: products that end up being sold under another brand name, by another company.

And Fun also manufactures tradeshow giveaways and advertising specialties: magic tricks and novelties that are used as giveaways and for promotional purposes at trade shows, fairs, in mass mailings, and elsewhere. Over the last 20+ years, since Fun started producing customized and imprinted products, it has filled orders for pharmaceutical companies, automakers, technology firms, and everything in between. Special orders have included runs of 100,000 Thumb Tip and Silk sets, millions of Three Card Monte sets (with custom logo cards), hundreds of thousands of magic sets (for Marshall Brodien, Lance Burton, Marvin's Magic, Paul Daniels, etc.). Virtually anything available in the Fun Inc. (Royal Magic) product line can be customized in one way or another.

From imprinting a company logo on an item to producing special packaging and instructions for more elaborate projects, it's all possible. In fact, on the shelves of one room on the second floor of the Fun Inc. factory, are myriad examples of projects the company has worked on.

In recent years, due to the company's capabilities as a silk-screen printer, it has manufactured thousands of gaffed cards for close-up magic tricks sold in magic shops world wide.

Do you have an idea for a product? Do you need a knowledgeable and experienced manufacturer (with a domestic factory!) to manufacture, package and warehouse a product for you. Look no further!

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