Wednesday, July 16, 2008

What ever happened to secrets?

The other day a magician asked me to show him a "good" card trick. Actually, he said,"fool me." I then proceeded to let down the hammer of THOR. I really did fry his brains. Seconds later he begged me as to how the trick worked.

I politely rejected his requests with standard magician lines. I eventually ran out of witty banter and had to boldly tell him NO. Now the guy thinks I'm a jerk! Aren't magic tricks suppose to be kept secret? After all, I don't tell laypeople how tricks work. This magician didn't share any tricks with me in the past. He just assumed that I'd tell him how it works. Plus, he wanted me to fool him! That's the last time I take requests. After all, he's a magician, he should totally understand about secrets. I guess he assumed that if he's a magician, that should be reason enough for me to tell him.

The trick I showed him was Misprinted Thoughts by Michael Boden. It's a little hidden gem at FUN. Not sure how on earth Michael Boden thought of this, but there's no way anyone could figure this out. View the video.

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