Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A potpourri of prestidigitation!

Buy Ed Marlo's Cardially Yours! It's the second volume of Magic Inc's Marlo Trilogy. This book is crammed with fantastic magic. Personally, I've never seen Ed Marlo perform in person, but I would have to imagine it was pretty extraordinary. How on earth did he think of this stuff? This guy obviously ate, slept, and breathed card magic.

This is an anthology of card magic like no other. Between these covers you'll encounter classic works of Chicago's legendary cardician.

This book has Pasteboard Presto, Amazing isn't it?, Marlo's Discoveries, Oddity & Other Miracles, Let's See the Deck, Off the Top, Marlo in Spades, and The Cardician. All of these items are in ONE BOOK. From self working miracles requiring no sleight of hand, to knuckle-busting sleights, shuffles, moves, and flourishes. This is a must for card magic nerds.

If you want to catch a fascinating glimpse of Ed Marlo, be sure to watch It's All in the Cards. A WONDERFUL documentary by David Solomon. The footage is great and the stories are better. In fact, this documentary is so good, it should have been released in the theaters. Really! You don't have to be a magician to fully appreciate it either. There are two DVDs in the case. One is for laypeople to watch, the other reveals the secrets. Worth every penny.

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