Friday, February 8, 2008

Happy One Month Anniversary

Yes, it's our one month anniversary, and I'm pleased as punch. Sure, we all think "it can't be that hard to do a blog," but none of us really know until we start one. Post every day? Yes, 'cause that's what it takes.

So, in the spirit of our success, I'm going to lay down some new items just in:

Zanadu Color-Changing Rope: The original is back. Zanadu's original color-changing rope has been improved to change even faster than before! The instructions include a few different handlings that I think are all very visual.

Nails Through Balloon: Yes, Royal Magic has its own Balloon Penetration, but what this offering from Ickle Pickle provides is an aluminum tube and several nails, all of which are fully examinable. If your balloon is transparent enough, you can look inside to see the nails penetrating through the balloon. We had a lot of fun playing with this when it came in to the FUN compound.

Street Magic by Paul Zenon: This little softcover book is surprisingly powerful. I was very impressed, since it goes beyond magic with everyday objects and describes routines using gimmicks that every magician has. There's some three card monte work, a write-up of the magic square, and a chink-a-chink routine using bottle caps. I'd definitely recommend this book to any beginning to intermediate magician.

At this very moment, we're going through a very large shipment we received with lots of new items, along with items we've had out of stock for a long time. Stay tuned here and on for new item updates.

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