Thursday, February 26, 2009

Newspaper Magic is back!

Way back when I was first starting out in magic, my first magic convention was Michigan Magic Day in Kalamazoo back in the '04. Gene Anderson was lecturing and performing in the evening show. His lecture, I recall, was mainly business and marketing centered, with a few tricks sprinkled in.

But his performance that evening was what really made an impression on the young rookie. An entire act done with newspapers? And it was funny? Where can I learn more?

Fortunately, I sought out a copy of Gene's seminal work, Newspaper Magic, just before it went out of print. Now, back again, is the best source for magic with newspapers. The added benefit to this edition is the inclusion of all new photographs to supplement the classic line drawings!

There's a lot of valuable magic in here, but the trick that really makes this book worth its weight in gold is Gene's now-ubiquitous Torn & Restored Newspaper. This is the place to start for anyone interested in performing the classic.

Quick personal story: I recently attended a reunion of former co-workers. I hadn't seen any of those folks in about three years. Three years later they were still talking about the Newspaper Trick I did for them one time! If that's not a testament to just how powerful Gene's creation is, I don't know what is.

If I had one available, I'd embed a video of Gene performing the Tear. Instead, I'll post Whit Haydn, another one of my favorite performers, as he presents Gene's Newspaper Tear. Check out the audience's reaction!

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