Monday, March 2, 2009

Artist Spotlight: Harry Anderson

Best known as Judge Harry Stone on the '80s sitcom Night Court, Harry Anderson made his way from magician to accidental TV star. Performing on TV and around the world as a magician, he made his foray into the acting world via a guest spot as Harry the Hat, a con artist who hung around Cheers.

Harry has several routines published and out on the market. I wanted to take a moment to spotlight a few of them:

Three Card Prince: Harry's giant monte routine, Monarch Monte, has been shunk down to a more manageable size. The cards are still jumbo-sized, but pack a little bit easier than the giant posterboard-sized cards that were made previously.

Cufflinks: As seen on Harry's television special, "Hello Sucker!" Cufflinks is actually two of Harry's signature routines woven into a single act. Talk about time and audience tested: Harry's been doing these routines for decades!

Royal Fantasy: Wouldn’t you like to have a visual stunner that blew away millions of TV viewers? Well, Lubor Fiedler’s Royal Fantasy did just that for Harry Anderson! For stand up or close up, no palming, ends clean... what more could you ask for?

1 comment:

mai-ling said...

I found a CD-Rom of how to do magic
hosted by Harry...for a entire
.49 cents at the Goodwill.

Now if I had that a year ago,
I would have had him sign it