Monday, February 16, 2009

Artist Profile: David Regal

Last year, David Regal came to town to do a lecture. He had just finished as the winning coach on "Celebracadabra" and recently published his excellent book, "Approaching Magic." Never really having read any of his previously published work, and not being familiar with any of his magic outside of Celebracadabra, I really didn't know what to expect.

What I encountered was a guy who, admittedly not a full-time professional magician, was a prolific inventor and thinker of magic. His first book of magic, Star Quality, written by Harry Lorayne, was published back in 1987, and he hasn't really slowed down since.

These days he reviews tricks for Genii Magazine and Reel Magic Magazine. Oh, I heard he's been pretty successful writing comedy in Hollywood, too.

Today I wanted to highlight a few items from this talented guy.

Prophecy Pack: I performed this one for Tomas earlier today, who was impressed. And Tomas is rarely impressed with anything I do. An impossible prediction of a card is made - and despite the spectator having control of the deck, shuffling and cutting to their personal whims, you are indeed found to have made the right call. A magician fooler for sure!

There and Back: From his published works (of which I now own all of them), you might glean that David is a hardcore card magician. Not true! His forays into other branches of conjuring prove his resourcefulness and versatility. This impossible transportation of a borrowing ring is a perfect example.

Pasteboard Massacre: David takes the phrase "cutting the deck" to the extreme with this trick. His handling is a perfect closer to a set of card magic. The instant reset of the deck also makes it ideal for table-hopping.

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