Friday, October 3, 2008

As Exposed on TV!

For those of you who missed the newest reincarnation of our old friend, The Masked Magician, MyNetwork TV last night premiered the first in a new series of specials continuing the Breaking the Magician's Code series. Personally, I was watching the vice-presidential debates, but I recorded the special for later consumption.

As was expected, he gave away methods to mostly large illusions, but I was surprised to find quite a few close-up effects were exposed as well.

In one of the close-up segments, MM tipped a method for floating an aluminum soda can via a thumbtip and suction cup: FUN Incorporated's own Universal Floating Gimmick!

Despite the outrage that I should feel, I am mostly amused at the decision to expose the Floating Gimmick. If anything, my hope is that magic shops around the country will experience a demand for Floating Gimmicks rather than DeKolta chairs or the old Vanishing String Quartet trick.

Which, going back to Valentino's speech, is exactly what he wants. He wanted to generate more interest in magic, and I think it's fair to say he has. Despite the last several specials, this series hasn't hurt magic - it certainly gives a point of conversation when I introduce myself as a magician. I will use whatever I can use to build a rapport with my audience.

To be honest, this is not the first time MM has exposed a FUN Incorporated product. Take a look at what he's done with our venerable Magic Coloring Book.

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