Friday, May 16, 2008

New this week!

Wow. It's been a very busy week for us, not only with the release of Shellraiser, but with the addition of several new items to the catalog.

Lollapalooza: Includes 3 routines with contributions from Jon Armstrong, and inspirations from Darwin Ortiz and R. Paul Wilson. You will learn a 10-Card Poker Deal that is the fairest one of 'em all! A Spectator-Cuts-The-Cards where the spectator ends up with an impossible hand of cards. An incredible Poker Demonstration involving a spectator choosing any 10 cards in an attempt to beat the dealer!

No forcing, or sleight-of-hand required.

Rising Business Card: An elegant way to present your card ! Your business card rises from a beautiful silver and black business card case. No magnets, threads, or wires - easy to do!

Smoke Signals: You have a spectator freely pick a card and return it to the deck. Place the cards back into the card case As you explain a very old way to reveal the chosen card, “by smoke signal.”

As you say this, a steady smoke signal begins to come right out of the card case held in one hand. Your other hand reaches into the smoke and produces the chosen card.

B.S. Board: Since the original release of the B.S. Board thousands of magicians and entertainers have used it on stage, up close and during casual encounters. This new B.S. Board has been redesigned and manufactured using special plastic. It folds to 4½"x7" (11.43x17.78cm) and can fit in your shirt or jacket pocket.

It is ideal for close-up, walk around, bars, comedy clubs, emcee work and between friends. Don't underestimate the great reactions this memorable gag gets.


Anonymous said...

I so want one of those
Rising Business Card Case.

Where can I get one?

John Sturk said...

Just ask your favorite magic dealer for the John Cornelius Rising Business Card case. If they don't have it, tell them to call us!

Anonymous said...

there's a problem...i don't have a favorite magic dealer.

i'll figure something out.