Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Coming Soon: Podcasting from FUN!

After our last taping of Magic Week in Review for, Justin Robert Young made an off-hand remark that stuck with me. "You know, you guys should consider doing your own podcast." Ever since then I've been toying with the idea, and now I'm pleased to say that we're finally going to do it!

"But who would listen?" I hear them saying. "No one reads the blog; what makes you think they'll listen to a podcast?" I tend to ignore these voices of negativism when I don't have an answer. Mainly, I think it'll be fun.

I don't have too rigorous a schedule planned - I was thinking maybe once a month - but, we'll wait and see how the response goes. Tomas and I will be sharing hosting duties. He and I riff off each other all day during work, and a fraction of it is pretty funny. I figured it would only be a matter of time before we started to record it.

Anyway, we're planning on recording this week, and, providing I can figure out how to make an RSS feed for it, it'll be up by next week!

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DerekMerdinyan said...

Can you say, "subscribe me now" ?