Tuesday, June 10, 2008

NEW bits of business from FUN!

A couple of weeks ago I posted on sight gags/magician props. It surprisingly received several responses. Apparently, people were interested in other comedy props. This week, we just received a wonderful NEW comedy gem...the Zoom Zoom deck!
I totally "heart" quirky magic gags like the ZOOM ZOOM deck. Not really magical, but definitely a solid laugh-getter. Basically, it's a cleverly gaffed card box that when tossed into the crowd, jumps BACK into the magician's hand. You'll wish you thought of this!

Rider, The Runaway Deck of Cards is another bizarre comedy piece that's sure to entertain.
Just pull back the deck and watch it race away on the table! Very cool and it really does move!
Perfect piece for table hoppers. Cool little gag from the folks at Fantasio...yes, Fantasio made this.

Another classic gag is ROYAL MAGIC's Loooong Card.
This simple bit packs flat and is the perfect solution for those looking to add a touch of comedy. Plus it's laminated and made to last!

FUN has a fantastic selection of comedy/magic props! In fact, if there's an item you've seen, please don't hesitate to ask if we carry it. Our factory is HUGE and FULL of an eclectic product mix.

Until next time!

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