Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Take cover from the Mandolin Rain!

The big question:
Will the new back design replace the classic 808 Bicycle Backs as the standard among magicians?

The answer: Absolutely not.

FACT: FUN Inc. will continue to make gaffed decks from classic Bicycle Backs.

This includes Svengali, Stripper, Invisible, Brainwave, Split Decks, Mirage, Mental Photography, Cheek-to-Cheek, Mene Tekel, and Pop-Eyed Popper. This means we will continue to carry the full assortment of Double Backers, Double Facers, Blank Backers, Blank Facers and Double Blanks.

FACT: FUN Inc.'s screenprinting department makes Bicycle Backs alterable.

Do you need a customized design? We can do it. Our silkscreen department can print what you want, and in much smaller quantities than what other companies would require.

We can't say "Bicycles are back." They never left.

Order today!

What Bicycle Decks are available from FUN Inc?

Mental Photography
Split Deck
Mene Tekel
Pop-Eyed Popper

Double Backer
Double Facer
Blank Backer
Blank Facer
Double Blank

Your Custom Design

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